Everyday Home Video Making

Your Video Camcorder
Camcorders explained
Basics on video resolution
Basic kit needed
Recording media needs

Good Techniques
Planning the filming
Selecting the right shot
Different shot types
Rule of thirds
Framing the shot
Using a tripod

Out Shooting
Real life filming
We take you on a day out filming
How to find the right shots
Tripod usage
Capturing Audio
Panning & Tilting shots
Lots of tips for beginners


Making a Movie
Using an Editing Package
Every Windows PC can be used
Windows Movie Maker intro
Importing video onto the Computer
Previewing your footage
Sequencing your movie
Cutting & splitting shots

Audio, titles and effects
Adding transitions between shots
Adding special effects
Background music
Adjusting audio levels
Titles at start of video
Captions during
End credits

Making the disc
Making a DVD from your video
Create a disc label
A disc cover
Burn copies for friends
Create a YouTube version

Watch Trailer

Brand New!

2 DVDs - watch on your TV or computer
5 hours

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