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Start Your Own Business - a step by step guide

Starting your own business is an exciting but daunting prospect. There are people to tell, plans to draw up, finance to raise, names to ponder, staff to consider, marketing decisions to make and your own personal circumstances to think about.

Working with the A1 Group who have over 20 years assisting businesses, our DVD, will guide you from making the initial decison and considerations to getting the foundations in place right through to getting the company off ground and running successfuly. Our guide differs from a book, we have done the hard work, so you simply sit back and watch the sections as you need them.

Before you start a business, you need to consider many aspects, and this is where we start. You need to make sure you have the attributes to embark on running your own business, and once satisfied you can move onto the Foundations section, where you build the essential building blocks of a successful company.

We cover the fundamental areas of Finance you need to put in place, such as raising finance, forecasting, bookeeping etc. Next, if you need to employ people, there is much to consider here, such as recruitment, inducting, training and appraisals etc. To run a successful business, you need a good quality product or service. How do you set your prices ? What is your Unique Selling Poing (USP) ? We will inform you how to go about this.

Once you have a business up and running, that is just the start of it. You need to make money, and to help you, we`ll have a great section on Marketing and Sales. How to get your product and message out there, with plenty of free tools available to you.

Think of the times you contact a company, whether big or small. You rate them on your Customer Services experience. If they are helpful, courteous and easy to get hold of, you rate them highly and will use them again. Your business needs to have excellent Customer Services, find out how in our final section on our guide.

Our thoughtful design will make you think you are in the classroom, but enabling you to learn in the luxury of your own home or workplace and importantly at your own pace, when your time allows.
due for release November 2011

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