Everyday Digital Photography

Buying Guide
Camera choices explained
What to look for
Optional extras
Where to buy your camera
Computer requirements

Taking Better Photos
Set date & time
Identify lens, zoom. lcd, shutter
Pixels and quality
Self timer
Tripod use
Rule of thirds
Composing a better shot
Lighting issues

Setup card reader
Setup USB camera cable
Transfer photos to PC
Which software to use
Tagging your photos

View & Enhance
View photos on your TV
Slide show on your computer
Adjust brightness
Remove red eye
Auto adjust quality

Managing your Photos
Looking after your card
Keep an organised library
Tag and catagorize photos
Enhance using simple adjusts
Extract portions of a photo
Rotate & Print

Printing & Sharing
Print photos at the High Street
Or print them online
How to share them on the Internet
Email them to friends
Create a movie for YouTube

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