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We formed the company in 2007, with the sole aim of helping the many people who want to learn a subject by watching a simple to follow visual guide.

We like to instruct using a simple language, meaning you get to learn a subject you may have found hard to master. It`s simple, we have spent much time deciding what to cover, which means you only get the essentials, and no padding. Use our included booklets to navigate using the simple DVD menu systems to quickly find the lesson of choice. So far, we have created the perfect starting point for beginners to use a Computer, and now we offer a DVD to teach about taking great photos, and the magic that is Digital Photography using a computer. We guarantee you will learn lots and lots, and if it doesn`t stick, then simple watch it again...and again, it will eventually

Dave Roberts and Dave Murdoch front the drive of the company, with Graham Roberts doing Sales & Marketing, and Vince Gallagher our resident Presenter and FA Qualified coach doing distribution.

We plan to release further DVDs, using the same easy to follow guide, and to keep advancing this web site until we`re happy it`s satisfied your needs, and our initial aims.

We really would appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Please highlight to us what you`d like clarified, how we can improve and don`t forget to tell your friends about us.

Thanks for spending the time today, and we look forward to working with you.

Dave and Dave

Dave Roberts taking a break, Just Do It Guides

Dave Roberts, Just Do It Guides

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